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120x 220cm

Over 60 years ago, these textiles were handwoven, following the traditional technique and patterned motifs by individuals from a Carpathian tribe called the Huculs. The repetitive native patterns and motifs bring out a certain elegant beauty on these simple, yet extraordinarily durable textiles.

The original Huculs wove blankets out of sheep’s wool in a village called Tiszaborkut. The textiles are made from all-natural materials such as real cotton, which results in a dense textile that can weigh up to six or more kilos. You will find that these textiles were dyed the same colors, grey, red, maroon, and green, and patterned with individual motifs, usually represented by checkers or stripes.

The method the Huculs used to weave their blankets is one of the oldest folk crafts which can be found originating from the Carpathian mountain ranges.

The skilled weavers integrated ornate patterns that were meant to protect the individual from evil and bringing such a blanket home was meant to bring peace and happiness to the home.

Sale price$183.00 USD Regular price$238.00 USD
Hemp  &  Wool Throw #002
Hemp & Wool Throw #002 Sale price$183.00 USD Regular price$238.00 USD