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Made from a beautiful antique hand-woven hemp grain sack from Europe, they range from at least 80 to 100 years old, with some dating back to the 1920s.

  • 15cm x 25cm x 5 cm
  • Cotton lining inside
  • Closing  with a zip
  • Leather strap
  • Size : S

These fabrics originate from grain sacks that were produced over 100 years ago on European farms. Each grain sack was handwoven from hemp and decorated with a distinctive pattern of stripes and a few with hand-stitched monograms, to show which farm it belonged to.

(These unique family markings were used so that the farmers were able to identify their sacks filled with grain at the markets. This also made it easier to return the empty sacks to the rightful owner after the market.)

These textiles are by nature extremely eco-friendly as they were naturally made from homegrown materials, home-retted (in local lakes and ponds), and woven together by hand. The average age of these textiles is around 100 years old woven with linen, hemp, cotton, or a combination of the three.

What we do at GOVOU is to reinterpret the use of these fabrics.


Artisanally crafted with an unwavering focus on precision, this bag is tailored for the discerning individual who appreciates both exclusivity and environmental consciousness in their fashion selections.


Gentle Cleaning: Employ a soft, dry cloth to delicately remove any surface dirt. 

Stain Removal: Seek professional assistance for stubborn stains on the vintage fabric. 

Avoid Liquid Exposure: Steer clear of water, oils, perfumes, and cosmetics to thwart potential damage and discoloration.

Storage: Keep your bag in a cool, dry place, shielding it from prolonged exposure to direct light and heat. Employ the dust bag for an extra layer of protection.

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Blue Pouch S
Blue Pouch S Sale price$46.00 USD