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Made from a beautiful antique hand-woven hemp grain sack uniquely dyed from Europe, the textile dates from the early 1900s.

  • 45cm x 40cm x 10cm
  • No lining 
  • Sailing rope 
  • Ombre dip dyed

These fabrics originate from grain sacks that were produced over 100 years ago on European farms. Each grain sack was handwoven from hemp and decorated with a distinctive pattern of stripes and a few with hand-stitched monograms, in order to show which farm it belonged to.

These textiles are by nature extremely eco-friendly as they were naturally made from homegrown materials, home-retted (in local lakes and ponds), and woven together by hand. 

Sale price$94.00 USD Regular price$139.00 USD
Back - Pack handcrafted  from a 100 years old hemp grain sack in Barcelona
Linen Vintage Back-Pack Sale price$94.00 USD Regular price$139.00 USD