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Behind Govou are the two ladies Emesa and Cinta, both with a backpack on experience in textile design and styling. With their label, they have set themselves the goal of creating incomparable pieces with an individual story. Their beautiful bed and table linen, soft stools, bags and tunics are made from unique, traditional linen fabrics. The partly antique, hand-woven vintage linen can be felt all over Europe and give them their very own face by coloring and sewing them in the traditional manner. The quality, durability and rarity of these traditional fabrics make the pieces of Govou individually unique and very exclusive. I personally especially appreciate their throw pillows and bedspreads, because they give with their very robust, natural and intentionally irregular look a lot of ambiance in my bedroom, which otherwise comes along with its cast stone floor, the high ceilings and the incisive columns otherwise rather cool. 

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