JL Cosmetics was founded with the purpose to offer honest, balanced, toxic-free, and cruelty-free Organic Cosmetics - to make the world a healthier place, giving clients the possibility to take care of their “skin organ”, in a healthy and balanced way.

We pay the highest attention to the selection and use of high-quality active ingredients from organic farming to elaborate products that preserve all their natural nutrients and are free of substances harmful to skincare. Our formulas are balanced (hydration-nutrition balance) respecting the different skin types.

Another big difference between most brands is that we don’t work with just “water”. We were looking for more power of nature to include in our formulas and for this reason, we have chosen to work with floral waters (hydrates) that come directly from the distillation process and that maintains all the natural power of the plant: Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Witch Hazel Water, Carrot Water, …

Organic cosmetics maintain and/or rebuilds the natural balance of your skin. It helps to activate your skin s self-regulatory power and reinforces its natural functions.
Conventional cosmetics, meanwhile, contain a multitude of inactive substances, designed to give texture, smell, and preservation…at the lowest cost, so it uses synthetic ingredients, petroleum residues (such as paraffin, parabens, …), substances that have nothing to do with healthy skin care!

Our skin needs balanced formulas, not those that are made up of 80% water and some skincare ingredients.